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An independent island nation in the centre of the Caribbean archipelago, St Lucia is unique for its distinct blend of European and African influences, resulting in a Creole culture that is vibrant and dynamic. Famously warred over by the British and French for over a hundred years, St Lucia was coined ‘Helen of the West’ after Helen of Troy. Her historical strategic and economic importance endured, but perhaps even more legendary is her beauty: beaches, mountains, rainforest, all of which come into sharp focus in Soufriere, the heart’s home for many St Lucians.

Once the seat of the French colonial government, Soufriere has always held mystique for visitors to the island, as well as locals.

The majestic Pitons arrest even the most jaded traveller, and the crystalline waters which surround them teem with a vivid aquatic life. The restorative waters of the unique sulphur pools at the world’s only drive-in volcano have healed European royalty; in fact Louis XVI commissioned the construction of the baths for his troops. Around every promontory, on the crest of every hill, some magic awaits, whether waterfall or rain forest dale.

The town itself, though threatened by all consuming fire, has managed to retain its colonial charm and evidence of the influence in the architecture abounds in the playful gables and fretwork and louvred windows of the old St Lucian homes and businesses. The Roman Catholic Church remains the focal point of the town which extends to the active waterfront, a commercial and leisure harbour, and landing for fishermen who still cast their nets in the early hours of the morning.

Soufriere has long been referred to as the breadbasket of St Lucia and it is easy to see why – verdant and fertile it was historically home to some of the most productive colonial plantations and today produces crops of cocoa, citrus, and vegetables that are in demand on the export market, especially Trinitario cocoa, preferred by fine chocolatiers the world over.

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